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Патриция Баумгартнер/Baumgartner


My Angel

One night as I lay sleeping,
dreaming peacefully in bed;
I awoke to see an angel sitting
on my wrinkled spread.

I didn't know just what to say,
for I could hardly speak.
His countenance astonished me,
as he smiled from cheek to cheek!

I pulled the covers 'oer my face,
and hoped it wasn't wrong.
Then from his lips imparted,
a heavenly vision, in a song.

How beautiful; What glory!
as the words were given me.
I was shown things of heaven,
things throughout eternity.

Then suddenly he finished,
and I heard him say once more,
"Rest in peace child, I'll be with you,
'till your journey here is 'oer."

Then I knew he was 'my angel',
God had sent him for my care;
and many nights when I awaken,
I still find him sitting there.


A Robins Sorrow

Above the sun drops heated rays
to all the earth below,
and to the robin's sorrow
there's no rain or wind to blow.

He rests within his home on high,
in a wide-spread maple tree;
Thinking, "Oh, why can't it rain?
If it would how chipper I'd be"

Then he flies so high to a ruined steeple,
and watches far below,
The jovial routine of all the people,
who don't want the wind to blow.

The robin watches for minutes; for hours,
wondering, why, oh why,
Must the people enjoy the old hot sun,
that makes the robin pine and sigh!

Then he remembers what God has given,
a voice so shrill and sweet;
and when his song he sends to heaven
the rain will fall so serene!

So he raises his head, and warbles a song,
and the people look up well aware;
That the robin will not have to sing very long,
'till soon the rain will be there!

Now the sorrow is gone in the robin's small heart,
since the rain came when his song demanded.
And now there'll be food, and a day that is cool,
just like the robin had planned it!

It is always this way on a hot summer day,
he sings a song for all.
for it is to a robin's sorrow,
if the rain would never fall!


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